Afrosai e auditing manual

Resource Persons from SAIs of South Africa, Lithuania, China, Georgia, India, Brazil, Jamaica, and IIA, AFROSAIE and a team from the IDI are developing the syllabus for Professional Education for SAI Auditors in Brasilia. News. IDI invites EUROSAI members to the forthcoming SAI PMF training course to be held in Madrid, October 35th 2018; EUROSAIs call to contribute to the development of the new Strategic Development Plan for the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements 3rd and last stage of the 1st Edition of the AFROSAI Women Leadership AcademyPretoria, South Africa, from 14 to 20 April 2018.

Family photo of the recipients. 21 A code of ethics declaration could be used by the SAI to be filled in by performance audit team members and managers responsible for the audit in the same way as it is used by financial auditors by SAIs who is members of AFROSAIE (see AFROSAIEs Regularity audit manual 2010).

21 There may be cases when the audit team needs specialised The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) is a worldwide affiliation of governmental entities. Its members are the Chief Financial Controller Comptroller GeneralAuditor General Offices of nations.

Throughout the AFROSAIE region, SAIs are taking up the challenge to transition from the Regularity Audit methodology, used since 2010, to the new Financial and Compliance Audit methodologies. AFROSAIE is, through innovation, committed to cooperate with and Compliance Auditing Manual according to ISSAI 4000 work in progress Pilot audit workshop 59 September 2016 in South Africa High level overview of Compliance Auditing 11.

Objective of Compliance Audit q. AFROSAIE REGULARITY AUDIT MANUAL 2013. INDEX. PREFACE 7 MODULE 1 INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL CONSIDERATIONS 8 PART 1. THE ISSAI FRAMEWORK 8 PART 2. THE INSTITUTIONAL CAPACITY BU AFROSAIE will achieve this by supporting our member SAIs with template manuals, guidelines, training, production of training material, website development, quality assurance visits, etc. AFROSAIE has decided to develop guidelines for specific audit problem areas that are often the object for performance audits.

AFROSAIE REGULARITY AUDIT MANUAL 2010 11 PART 1 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 HOW TO USE THE MANUAL All the information in this manual is aimed at providing the audit team with a methodology for completing an audit. The vision is AFROSAIE is committed to ensuring that the highest degree of accountability, transparency and honesty is attained in government operations in subSaharan Englishspeaking Africa and that public resources in the region are properly used and managed.

Afrosaie Performance Audit Manual 2. Provide support in the customisation of the AFROSAIE Performance Audit Manual, 3.

Design a comprehensive training course on performance audit. 28, Performance Audit, GUIDELINES,