Sungard efinance plus 5.0 manual

eFinance 5. 1 Training Information Services and Applications (ISA) Posted byEric May, Assistant Director of Information Services and Applications October 14, 2016 On Wednesday, October 12, 2016, ISA hosted user training sessions for the system users.

SunGard led the applicants through accessing the new system and the new features. Frankie Our suite of products was designed by public servants, for public servants. Our public sector software powers your work, from police officers responding to lifesaving calls to city managers balancing budgets and communicating with constituents.

90 ApprovalTable 96 102 AccountApprovalTable 104 EFTBankCodesTable 106 EFTDestinationTable 107 111 Sungard eFinance Plus. Whiteboard Animation. Sunward EFinance Plus is a flexible finance and HR management platform designed to help K12 schools run more efficiently. Their customers can be assured that Efinance plus products will benefit their schools, as Home; Treasurer's Sungard efinance plus 5.0 manual.

EMIS Period H Reporting (Capital Assets) EMIS Period P Reporting (5 yr Forecast) Period H Reports; 2018 Fiscal Year End; 2017 Calendar Year End sungard system administration page number: 1 date: mmddyy your organizations name secure2 time: hh: mm: ss security resource list hrm pay 328 may enter manual payroll checks hrm pay 329 may run check reconciliation hrm pay 330 may run retroactive pay This program is PROPRIETARY and CONFIDENTIAL information of SunGard Public Sector Inc.and may not be disclosed or used except as expressly authorized in a license agreement controlling such use and disclosure.

Database: Version: Server: Close eFinancePLUS Product Information and Reviews: K12 school financial software, part of the Sunguard 360 PLUS suite of tools. eFinancePLUS Product Information and Reviews: K12 school financial software, part of the Sunguard 360 PLUS suite of tools eFinancePLUS by SunGard. PRICING PLANS License in conjunction with CFISD and SunGard personnel. We are HERE The current project plan can be found here. Step One The current status can be found here.

Dava Clark supported Business Services with the following projects: Completed 2 Public Information Requests (PIRs) eFinance Plus 5. 0 Human Resources Training (dn) (1: 00 p. m. ) Note: Human Resources Personnel Tables and related screens to include Assignments, Degrees and Other Interests and Skills. Adding an employee record. Review Employee Add Set Up.

Position Control from HR perspective.