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There's a description of each Shuffle model below, links to articles on how to use the iPod Shuffle, and links to download the correct manual for your model.

4th Generation iPod Shuffle 4th Gen. iPod Shuffle. image credit: Apple Inc. Sync those playlists to iPod shuffle, and you can play the iPod: The Missing Manual Nov 12, 2009.

by J. D. Biersdorfer and David Pogue. Paperback. 0. 88 (42 used& new offers) See newer edition of this book. 4. 2 out of 5 stars 20. iPod Shuffle Fan Book: Life Is a Playlist Oct 30, 2005. from one of these playlists to iPod shuffle. To create a playlist in iTunes: n In iTunes, click the Add () button and type a name for the playlist, then drag songs from the library or another playlist to the new playlist.

iPod shuffle User's Guide (Manual) Subject: 034 iPod shuffle User Guide. Contents 5 Chapter 1: About iPod shuffle 5 Whats New in iPod shuffle 6 Chapter 2: iPod shuffle Basics 6 iPod shuffle at a Glance 7 Using the iPod shuffle Controls 8 Connecting and Disconnecting iPod shuffle Use iPod shuffle to: Sync songs and playlists for listening on the go Apple iPod shuffle User Manual. Apple ipod shuffle digital audio player user guide. You can add music and other audio content from multiple computers to iPod shue without erasing items already on iPod shue.

You can add Genius playlists, but not Genius Mixes, to iPod shue manually. Manuals. Manuals in other languages. Browse Manuals by Product. Previous. Next. Load more results. Apple Footer Apple. Support. More ways to View and Download Apple IPod shuffle user manual online.

Apple iPod shuffle User's Guide. Controls Set iPod shuffle to play songs in order Set iPod shuffle to shuffle songs Go to beginning of playlist Turn iPod shuffle off Play or pause a song Change the volume Skip to the next song Start a song over or play the previous song iPod shuffle has an internal, rechargeable battery. For best results, charge the battery fully the first time you use iPod shuffle. A depleted battery 3g ipod shuffle manual playlist be 80percent charged in about two hours and fully charged in about four hours.

iPod shuffle User Guide. Contents 3 Chapter 1: About iPod shuffle 3 Whats new in iPod shuffle 4 Chapter 2: iPod shuffle Basics 4 iPod shuffle at a glance 5 Using the iPod shuffle controls Use iPod shuffle to: Sync songs and playlists The 3rd generation iPod Shuffle doesn't have any buttons on it.

So how do you control it? Need a Manual for the iPod Shuffle? Get It Here. Here's What You Need to Know About the iPod Shuffle. 3rd Generation iPod nano Review. Create Playlists Right on Your iPod with On the Go Playlists.

Hate Siri? Try Voice Control. See the iPod shuffle User Guide. Tech Specs. Find all the technical specifications for your specific iPod shuffle model. See iPod shuffle Tech Specs. Repair options.

Learn more about iPod shuffle service options, warranty, and pricing. See repair information. iPod shuffle Community. Sep 15, 2010  How do you choose playlists w the new iPod Shuffle? Discussion in 'iPod' started by bobright, Sep 13, 2010. Most Liked Posts. bobright, Sep 13, 2010. bobright macrumors 601. If I had to compare the sound quality from my itouch 2nd gen to the new ipod shuffle, I would say the shuffle sounds a bit better.

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