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General elections were held in Ecuador on 19 February 2017 alongside a referendum on tax havens. Voters elected a new President and National Assembly. Incumbent President Rafael Correa of the PAIS Alliance was not eligible for reelection, Manual siege ecuador president served two terms. A surprising decision of deportation by President Rafael Correa forced them to run away to Colombia. There they found mistreatment, blackmails and rapes. EXCLUSIVE TESTIMONY: Siege in Ecuador and Colombia against Cuban displaced Tue, 14: 17: We had to run away panicked from Ecuador since President Rafael Correa and the Watch video  Soon afterwards, the leftleaning then president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, agreed to Assanges request, precipitating a major diplomatic row with the British government.

And a fullblown siege. Metropolitan police officers swarmed outside the The President of Ecuador (Spanish: Presidente del Ecuador) officially called the President of the Republic of Ecuador (Spanish: Presidente de la Repblica del Ecuador) serves as both the head of state and head of government of Ecuador, is the highest political office in the country as the head of the executive branch of government.

Ecuadorean armed forces rescued Rafael Correa, the president, amid a hail of bullets after a tense standoff with police officers who had trapped the leftist leader in a hospital for hours. Ecuador's president had to be rescued by the army after he was physically attacked by his own police officers. Soldiers fired on the police after President Correa, who was later held under siege at a hospital, had tried to talk to them about his proposed austerity measures, which included cutting police bonuses.

Ecuador: Coup dEtat, country under a state of siege, President Correa surrounded by police, rescued by soldiers Ecuador was under a state of siege Friday, the streets quiet with the military in charge of public order, after soldiers rescued President Rafael Correa from a hospital where hed been surrounded by police who roughed him up and teargassed him earlier.

Protest in London against Ecuadorian President Morenos persecution of Julian Assange By our reporters 25 July 2018 A protest against Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno took place in Londons Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park yesterday morning, outside the Global Disability Summit.