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Summary. The Sysmex XS1000i is a compact new, fully automated haematology analyser, designed to generate complete blood counts with fivepart leucocyte differential. In our study, a Sysmex XS1000i instrument was evaluated according to Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) and International Council for Standardization in Haematology (ICSH) guidelines. than 120 assays Sysmex XS 1000i (5part cell counter). a read over the website above and check out the Bluetooth User Manual page, a step you might have sysmex Xs1000i User Manual RapidResults The UF1000i offers accurate and precise particle counts on uncentrifuged urine samples.

The UF1000i enhances work flow efficiency in the clinicl laboratory by offering true walkaway capability, freeing the technologist from many of the laborintensive Sysmex xs 1000i manual arts of manual urine microscopy.

32 Sysmex XS1000iXS800i Instructions for Use. 2 Information Processing Unit (IPU) Processes data generated by the Main Unit. 2 Aspiration Probe (only for XS800i) Used to aspirate a sample in manual or capillary analysis mode. CHAPTER 3 Design and Function 1 XS1000iXS800i Main Unit Analyzes patient and control samples. 5 Data Printer The XS1000i provides rapid, reliable test results from just 20uL of sample for assistance in patient diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring.

It utilizes the same stateoftheart diagnostic power and accuracy as the XSeries (XESeries, XTSeries) of high volume analyzers with comparable results. II Sysmex KX21 Operators Manual Revised October 1998 ENSURE SAFE OPERATION OF THE INSTRUMENT Before operating this instrument, carefully read the" Ensure Safe Operation of the Instrument" and OPERATORS MANUAL, and strictly follow the instructions given in them.

The eCHECK (XS) level 2 covers the normal range, the eCHECK (XS) level 1 is used for the low abnormal range and the eCHECK (XS) level 3 is for the high abnormal range. The vial has a pierceable cap to enable manual closed mode analysis on the XS1000i. The XS1000i is one of the most compact fully automated 5part differential haematology analysers available.

Fluorescent flow cytometry and advanced cell counting makes the XS1000i an excellent choice for laboratories that have smaller sample volumes or require 5part differential capability in a near patient tetsing environment.

XS1000i Low aspiration volume, compact closed system, excellent analysis The XSseries is the latest addition to Sysmexs XClass haematology analysers. XS800i XClass analysis quality for smaller workloads The XSseries is the latest addition to Sysmexs XClass haematology analysers. And despite being the smallest, its quality is undiminished. Highlights Original instrumentation provided by Sysmex Corporation. Total number of assays tested: 24. Diamond DownToFrame refurbishment provided.

Refurbishment includes disassembly and total restoration. Process continues with assembly, repair, and diagnostics. Certification concludes with calibration, QC and QA validation. Contact Diamond for pricing Sysmex believes education and training is for everyone.

We have created a plan giving you unlimited access to our online analyzer and Sysmex WAM courses right at your fingertips. Our continuum of education surrounds you with training courses and continuing education throughout the