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B Lensatic Compass 2 Basic Officer Course Lensatic Compass Introduction Land navigation requires the use of many tools; the more experienced the navigators, the more tools they will use. Obvious examples of the simpler tools available are the With the lensatic compass opened wide ((Compass, Lensatic, US Army 02. jpg b ) and held level, turn it horizontally until the azimuth is directly under the black index line.

Example: you want to follow a bearing of 120 degrees. Position the 120 degree mark under the index line. PRECISION LENSATIC Compass pdf manual download. A. INTRODUCTION The instructions in this booklet are for the CAMMENGA LENSATIC COMPASS currently being distributed by the U. S. Army and Troop Command. This compass is known throughout the world for its precision, reliability, versatility, ruggedness and much Lensatic Compass Evaluation.

pdf to read about the comparison INSPECTING A COMPASS PART 1 Basic Land Navigation Compasses are delicate instruments and should be cared for accordingly. A detailed inspection is required when first obtaining and using a compass. Important serviceability Navigation Instructions for UTM Roamer Scales Compass Pocket Guide Transit Manual Geo Transit Manual Axis Transit Manual TruArc Manual 9077 Lensatic Compass 58CE Rally Compass Instructor Kit Student Workbook Instructor Kit Instructor's Study Guide Instruments OmniSight OmniSlope ADC Pro Manual ADC Pro Quick Guide May 15, 2014 How to take a magnetic bearing azimuth.

How to walk on a bearing. See my playlist LAND NAVIGATION for more instructional videos the lensatic compass is used to determine" azimuths" or" compass bearing" (horizontal angles). it is also used to follow a course over the ground.

orient or set a map, and determine position of objects in relation to a map. b. 2. 3. parts of the lensatic compass (figure l) 3 5" scale 4 wre 12 groove il lens 13 index Holding the lensatic compass in this position, rotate the Bezel until the luminous indicator is over the North arrow of the Dial.

The direction indicated by the open compass is the desired course. As long as the Bezel is not rotated, turning