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Note that you can use a transcript file in Leonardo to set these variables faster for you in the future. 3. 4 In the main window, click on the button in the Quick Setup tab and select the adder.

v file. Select ASICADKami0. 5(fast) in the Technologies box. Make sure that the Insert IO Pads button is off. Automated Synthesis from HDL models Design Compiler (Synopsys) Leonardo (Mentor Graphics) For HDL designs, the ispLEVER software provides two synthesis tools that are integrated into the Project Navigator environment: LeonardoSpectrum and Synplify.

You can synthesize your Verilog or VHDL design as a standalone process by choosing This HDL Synthesis manual is intended to give the VHDL designer guidelines to achieve a circuit implementation that satisfies the timing and area constraints set for a given target circuit, LeonardoSpectrum for Altera HDL Synthesis Manual, To accomplish this goal, the required architecture has been modeled, verified and synthesized using Verilog description and synthesis tools, including ModelSim, Leonardo spectrum and FPGA Advantage of Mentor Graphics.

HDL Synthesis Design with LeonardoSpectrum: CPLD Flow This tutorial shows you how to use LeonardoSpectrum from within ispLEVER to synthesize a Verilog design and generate an EDIF file for a Lattice CPLD device. ECSE487 Computer Architecture Laboratory ModelSim and Leonardo Spectrum Tutorial Manual, Version 1. 0 TA: HsinYun Yao, Prof: W. J. Gross in the manufacture of programmable gate arrays in the past years have made the use of hardware description language more and more extensive.

Leonardo Spectrum is a logic synthesis tool More information about these functions can be found in the online HDL Synthesis manual and the online LeonardoSpectrum manual. Precision Synthesis offers high quality of results, industryunique features, and integration across Mentor Graphics FPGA Flow